Finding the artifact

Having been tasked with finding a sacred artifact belonging to the Order of Kord, Two-Ten began searching around Eddington for clues. The most intriguing aspect of this task was that Knight-Captain Hinds (The Paladin leading The Order of Kord) knew the identity of the thief in question.

Knowing that they searched for a redheaded thief named ‘Murmur’ Two-Ten sought out the thief’s girlfriend. This woman turned out to be a prostitute named Lillian. LIllian, through the false pretense of a lie, told the party that Murmur was in hiding at the dwarven mine ‘Deep -Ore’.

Upon visiting the mine Two-Ten found only male dwarven miners hard at work. The miners were hard at work but completely ignored all attempts at communication. Suddenly, a group of dark elves attacked. Two-Ten barely defeated their attackers when another Darkelf in glorious plate armor appeared. He said he had no time to deal with pests then waved his hand and a huge chasm appeared beneath the feet of the party.

The party fell into darkness and landed in a large body of water. They swam a little ways to the shore of the lake and found themselves in a huge perfectly circular cavern. All around the shore were the bodies of deaden women and children. Suddenly the water of the lake began to rise and fill the cavern even more. as the hole in the ceiling the group had fallen through closed shut. Two-Ten would drown if they could not find a way out.

Walking all around the edge of the cavern showed no means of exit. Then one of he party members discovered an ornate metal box on one of the dwarf corpses. The box was carved with many scenes depicting dwarven life. As the group fiddled with the box one te found that on of the carings arms was moveable and them the box opened up and shifted into the shape of a hammer.

Dwarven runes atop the hammer red ‘Moradin leads the way’. again the group ventured around the perimeter of the cavern. The lakes waters drawnjng ever closer. Finally, as if by magic,

an indentation of a hammer appeared in a portion of the stone wall. The group placed the hammer in the indentation and turned it opening the wall like a door. The corridor behind the door led upward.

Having reached the entrance of the mine the group found the dwarven miners had all been recently killed. Also, among the dwarves was a redheaded man who lay firing of a mortal wound. He told Two-Ten that he was hired by a darkelf to steal the artifact and that the darkelf had killed him upon recieving the artifact.

Two-Ten returned to Eddington to find a quarter of the town lying in ruin. A woman shouted to the group that the city was at war with the darkelves and that the Knights had marched to war.



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