A Looming War

Immediately after learning that a war was approaching Two-Ten left Eddington to aid their comrades. The travel to the northern battle sight took around a half of a day, all the while the group could see the fires of battle looming before them.

Upon arriving at the battle Two-Ten saw the forces of the Order of Kord battling against an army of dark-elves. Horrific bolts of purple energy shot down all around the battle sight killing the forces of Kord but leaving the dark-elves unharmed. Searching frantically the party found that a large half-circle of magical energy rested behind the line of dark-elves and it appeared to be the source of the purple energy bolts.

Seeking to end the threat of the destructive energy bolts the group negotiated the frantic combat and finally made it to the sphere. The magical sphere was made of semitransparent purple energy and within it were seated three female dark-elf clerics who all prayed before an evil looking altar.

Battling against the physical and mental assaults of the sphere the group managed to fell a huge limb from an oak tree that loomed above the sphere. The limb fell upon the sphere and severely weakened it. All the while the group battled against the sphere and finally overcame its evil magic. With the sphere destroyed the group fought against the three dark-elf clerics and quickly defeated them.

The battlefield had grown ever more frantic as Knight-Captain Hinds battled against the Dark-elves leader. The two opponents seemed evenly matched but then a squad of dark-elves sought to protect their leader and Knight-Captain Hinds seemed to be in mortal peril. Two-Ten then went to Knight-Captain Hinds’ aid and the battle again turned in Hinds’ favor.

As the squad of dark-elves was killed Knight-Captain Hinds was stabbed deeply in the shoulder by a wicked looking dagger held by The Dark-elves’ leader. Simultaneously Hinds swung his morningstar and decapitated the dark-elf. The battle around them raged on but it seemed as if Two-Ten and Hinds had saved the day. Seeing something fall from the corpse of the Dark-elf leader Jesus (Ya, he’s that party member) reached down and picked up a red book that had fallen from inside the Dark-elf’s breastplate.

As Hinds turned to congratulate the party, Sovellis (a Holy Avenger who was part of Two-Ten) jumped up and drove his heel into the hilt of the dagger. Hinds clutched at the now buried hilt of the dagger then fell over dead as the other members of Two-Ten stood in shock. Sovellis then vanished from sight. Confused and fearing the impending rage of some one thousand blood frenzied knights Two-Ten made a hasty retreat to their tower.

Upon returning to the tower a verbal battle erupted between Sovellis and the other members of Two-Ten. Sovellis explained that he was informed by his order to kill Hinds whenever he recieved the chance and that his actions were in accordance with the will of Sehanine. The other members of Two-Ten seemed unmoved.

Jesus then began to examine the red book he had pulled from the dark-elf’s corpse when Sovellis proclaimed that he had found an identical book made of blue on Hind’s corpse. Though both books looked normal neither would open as if the pages were held with glue. Then the two books were held together and they glowed a bright purple and magically formed together to make a much larger purple book.

Written on the front of the book was something written in an intricate language. Shade recognized the language to be undercommon and found the words to be a riddle. After many hours of thought and answering finally Two-Ten discovered the answer to the riddle and the book opened.

Upon the pages of the book was a written conversation that had occurred between Hinds and the Dark-elf leader. Apparently Hinds had hired the dark-elves with the idea that if the people of Eddington were attacked they would pray to Kord for protection and as a direct implement of Kord’s Will Hinds himself would grow more powerful.

Just then a copper skinned goblin entered the room and began making repairs to a damaged wall. The group almost attacked the goblin but the creature declared that he was named ‘Moosehead’ and that it was his task to care for and maintain the tower. Two-Ten then chose to ingore the goblin and began to worry about more pressing matters.



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